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Not Nice Guys - The copyrights

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Original texts copyright is reserved to Omry and Yuval.

The citations on the citations are reserved to the authors or current copyright holders.

The images are from free sources, especially Pixabay.

Some of the photos were designed by Omry and/or Yuval.

The product images with the shirt logo are from the TeePublic website and are used to advertise the store. Those copyrights are reserved to the designers and the TeePublic website.
Would you like such store? Click here.

The covers from Amazon are Fair Use.

Below are the details of the photos on page 404, the landing page on the previous site and the like.


In case you're wondering why is the site flooded with cats - besides our love to cats, we recommend you to read Kathy Hoopmann's "All Cats Are on the Autism Spectrum".

עטיפת הספר "All cats are on the autism spectrum" מאת קייטי הופמן

All cats are on the Autism Spectrum - Kathy Hoopmann

(Image from Amazon)

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