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Roads are jammed

Buses, won't help

Not to mention, trains

המון אנשים רוצים לעלות למטוס

No escape

If only there was a way to get
to your destination with ease

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Hermesus is a smartphone that interfaces with the communication satellites and GPS system, allows you to specify the destination you want to reach.

Thus being able to teleport you or to open a portal, depends on your subscription.

Premium subscribers also have a way to preserve themselves, whether from an accident,
death or illness.

The phone was developed by Ari-Paz Goldman after many studies that helped him replicate his ability to teleport by will or open portals and heal himself and others.  

Nowadays, Ari-Paz himself uses the phone as a backup.

 Black Background

If one dinosaur invented a machine that uses a blood test to tell you how you will die - by a vague wording ...

How about a Smartphone Teleporter?

interests you?


Do you have any idea how such a phone can work? How can a mobile open a portal? Which route would you choose?
What happens when there is a fault in the teleporter? What happens when the portal leads to a place that is not the feature to reach?
How can you recover from an injury, illness or death?

From here it is possible to get very far. Literally.

We would love to read your version. We will publish it on the site with your credit.

We will also publish our versions.

Omry has a complete theory of how such a product can be effective.

The principle behind this phone can also be integrated with the "multi-location" series.

And I have already mentioned that for me, Ari-Paz involved here.

By the way, all the​ The above concept is my idea and execution.

Do you want me to build you a WIX website or a landing page?

Yuval Cool Tall

Smartphone Image by FiveFlowersForFamilyFirst from Pixabay modified by me

Crowded Bus Image by Alexander Grishin from Pixabay 

Crowded Airport Image by lenski from Pixabay 

Crowded Train Station Image by Eduardo Davad from Pixabay 

Trafic Jam Image by pixaoppa from Pixabay 

Traveling Guy Image by Hasan Mahamud from Pixabay 

Dinosaur Image by Om Kumar from Pixabay 

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