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Catching Flames​

In a world where understanding how the brain works, those who were former gamers, are now considered users of magic. For example, children use a machine that reads the brain, and this technology allows their brain to be a major part of the processing. This creates a virtual reality in which a multi-user game is used for them as a school.

A relatively common profession is a human server - a person who allows the wireless connection to use his brain as a system server.
Part of the process involves the use of quantum mechanics which the common man would call magic.

These configurations range from the implementation of operations on chips, to things more...
The Magic of the Oath: When a person swears by a particular oath, he devotes some of his magical resources to a common goal, and this gives him access to the particular resources of the oath-takers.
Bloom: A person who has trained himself to a certain point, eventually his body / mind / strength matrix undergoes a change. His resources are deeply devoted to the skill he has devoted himself to and his subconscious decides - I have a hammer, the whole world is nails, and I will see how I can change my hammer for each of them...
He will develop new spells based on the original magical skill, and his worldview. Most of the oaths, are based on those that 'bloomed'.
  • 1 - A worried mother
    Shachak is a worried mother. Her children are prodigies, which can blow up in their faces...


Image by Shrikesh Kumar from Pixabay

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