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Not Nice Guys - Omry's Literature


לפתוח דלת לאפשרות

להכין שיעורים בקלות


Ianus Pessaim - Just a student

Ianus is a religious boy, who tries to be a good kid.
When he tried to get out of the closet as a door opener, he discovers that as far as his friends are concerned he's never been in it.

After he opened a door to his room and found a girl there, he's now confused as to what to do...
So his best friend shoves him through.
  • 1 - Inspiration
    So Bright, So distractible. So Devote, Is he a witch? Just want to make his parents Proud.

  • 3 - Reality Terror
    The sword of Damocles is already above. The firestorm begins to shine. And he doesn't even know.

  • 4 - Tight Rope
    The storm begins. Janus has opened the door to heaven and hell.

  • 5 - Broken Rope
    The heat of the storm begins top shine upon the world. Janus now has to make sure it is the warmth of hearth and home...


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