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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

The texts on the site are not the final wording. Feel free to sign up and comment - your comments will help us in the editing process, and will appear in the thank you list when the book is published.

There is no connection between the people in the pictures and the stories themselves.

Newsletter - setting the English website

I'm using the multilingual feature in Wix, to switch the website between Hebrew and English.

It's some piece of work...

Besides translating the Hebrew pages to English, I need to make sure that the blog's posts and categories are translated as well, and lots of things to take care of.

Not to mention some bugs in this feature.

Luckily Wix tech support are doing their best, few days ago I've talked with a tech support for 90 minutes about the blog, which seem to work better.

Besides setting the multilingual, me and Omry are still writing, in Hebrew and English.


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