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Not Nice Guys - Q&A

Why "Not Nice Guys"?

We’re autistic, being nice is a skill. An acquired nature.

We have both shared our opinions, separately, on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and various whatsup groups. Soon we ran into people who… Were inconvenienced, by our opinions. they ‘told’ on us.

Over time we made a site; “Hamochi’ach Basha’ar”- “The Accuser at the gate”, where we wrote our opinions under a pseudonym.

Over time, we decided things are fairly safe, and decided to use our actual names,  and changed the branding - I.E. ‘Yuval & Omry - Not Nice Guys’.

Do you share roles?

Yuval maintains the site, as he is a professional, as well as writes his own stories, poems, and the like.

Omry writes his own, as well as being responsible for any English.

The Cats entertain and amuse.

Why is the background black?

Black is an official color, and some colors easier to view on black background.

Besides that, the black background consumes less energy for screens, and is also more comfortable to watch at night.

Why do the titles seem familiar? 

"Spaceballs, The T-Shirt! Spaceballs, The Coloring Book! Spaceballs, The Lunchbox! Spaceballs, The Breakfast Cereal! Spaceballs, The Flamethrower!"

- Yogurt, Spaceballs

Why do cat pictures accompany the entire site?

We love cats, and Kathy Hoffman wrote the book "All Cats Are on the Autism Spectrum" which suits us in both aspects.

עטיפת הספר "All cats are on the autism spectrum" מאת קייטי הופמן

All cats are on the Autism Spectrum
Kathy Hoopmann

(Image from Amazon)

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