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Not Nice Guys - Omry's page

עומרי קול טאל עומד מיואש ומחזיק בספר "מוקף באידיוטים"

Omry Cool-Tall

​An Elitist, Autistic and all in between. 


Loves Yuval and thanks to him, cats.

In childhood I’ve wanted to learn many professions, But writing, was ‘satisfying’.

More so since I was 9 and actually learned to read.


At around 14 I realized that the understanding of money is necessary for any adult in the modern world. Thus began making the effort to learn it. Had some classes in my 20s.


Due to bad luck, I still need to work.

Life. You build your wealth, then have to spend it. Over and Over…


Right now I work on this site with Yuval. He maintains it, I help with content.

I currently write on several platforms. I have published two books on Amazon.
Though I intend to rewrite them, and are selecting several for a crowdfunding site.

חולצה - שלום על ישראל

I'm not a night owl, Nor does a bird get up

I'm a kind of permanently exhausted pigeon

Would you buy such sticker? Or maybe a shirt?

There are a variety of additional designs for you to choose from.

יובל קול טאל
עומרי קול טאל

החנות הרשמית של "לא נחמדים" 

ספלים בעיצובים מקוריים שלנו.

חולצות בעיצוב מקורי שלנו

נמכרות באתר "Hollo". ניתן להתאים ידנית את העיצוב למוצרים נוספים.

ספרים שעומרי מוכר באמזון

To Color, To inspire

A collection of mildly Cliche, Mildly melodramatic, writting prompts. As well as coloring pictures.

The inspiration in marble: Short prompts for short stories

54 short prompt titles to inspire your work.


Two kindle stories from the Multi-Locable series.​

עסקים עושים עסקים

קהילת אנשי עסקים שעושים שיתופי פעולה.

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