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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

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Catching Flame - Of Gods and Lesser beings

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

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a child petting a huge giraffe

Alami; Lord of the Infernal realm, stood before his throne.

His subjects, three travelers, Demons, Sarly High

All males.

"Well, Subjects..."

"Um... Sir? Lord of the pain of the Lost... we're not actually your subjects."

"My mind keeps this realm real. While you are here... You are"

Those three demons paled such starkly..

Then one jumped.

"Sorry guys gotta go. My mom..."

Alami with all the power of this 2m frame,


"Tell... Daphney, Alami says hi, if you meet her."

The drastically taller Demon was gibbering as he faded from sight.

He turned to shaking other two.

"While consequences in this universe have little effect in the beyond foundation realm...

Keeping your souls in this realm isn't of the results that can happen here."

Though I guess I could have kept her echo here.

I wonder if that girl would become real..."

They still not so much as moved.

He checked if he froze them without knowing..


So he casually sat on the Thrown.

"Well? I know you're not frozen."

"We need the Diamond of Chemistry"

The one right next to the one who left. Also a girl in the real world, but male here.

"Oh, the table of the elements quest!!

Are you on the path of medicine or chemistry?"


"Oh, then after this I've gone to the realm of the three dragons."

*The Two shivered.*

"Thank you".

"I'm not sure why, but I obviously terrified you three, So here."

He materialized three pins.

The third vanished.

"For each of you three.

If that last girl goes in as the Same character, she will have hers with the same explanation I will now give you.

These pins will give one customized respawn point.. or boost your stats, you will be able to choose and change your mind."

Finally, they showed some life.

"Dude!! Thanks a bunch!" And they both hugged him.

"Welcome, your bodies B.O is legendary. Back off."

-Anna- BarBazol sniffed under his armpit.

"I don't smell"

Both the god and -chritopher- Daromage looked at him..

"Why would you? You're a Sarly High. From the Dromage line."

The situationally male Demon seemed..

"I only started in the Game. My parents taught me themselves."


But Alami was impressed.

"Didn't hurt you too much. You'll do fine."

And he popped them to their destination.

Because frankly.. they bore him. And here he's A Demon God. He's allowed.

Besides, Mom's making Pasta Cake.


Image by 4144132 from Pixabay

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