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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

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There is no connection between the people in the pictures and the stories themselves.

"Thou art capable of aught"

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

בחור עומד מול נהר גועש

Jack shook his head, "No!"

"why art thee refusing?" Asked Ari-Paz, across the river.

"Oi! Shakespeare me not!" cried Jack.

"It's not complicat'd", continued Ari-Paz ignoring Jack's reaction, "I wast in thy situation and i did manage to receiveth to the oth'r bank."

"Yeah, sure", said Jack while looking at the river stream, examining its speed, "you've came by the short way."

"In the endeth result", Said Ari-Paz, "the pointeth is yond i hath passed from one bank to the oth'r. "

"Yeah, I can imagine", muttered Jack, as he leaned toward the river, putting his hand in the water to check the temperature. When he embraced his muscles he'd managed to get his hand out of the cold water and the rushing current.

"I knoweth thee can doth t", Ari-Oaz called, "I has't faith in thee. "

Jack ripped a plant from the river bank and dropped it on the water, seeing how the plant was swept far away within seconds.

"Thee just has't to believeth in thyself," continued Ari-Paz, "Thou art capable of aught, ev'rything thee believeth in. "

Jack looked at Ari-Paz, with his radiant gaze, his empowering smile, his feet almost hovering a few inches above the ground, and hoped his face did not betray his mood. He jumped into the river with Ari-Pazs encouragement...

Half an hour later Jack stood on the other bank of the river, still dripping with water and panting.

"Fuck! I was ready to kill you!"

"That's also a way to achieve motivation", replied Ari-Paz. "Though after that I had to give you time to relax."

"Your language is much more human now", said Jack half smiling.

"This is second nature, not first nature," Ari-Paz nodded, "I feel comfortable with you."

"Thank you for giving me a safety net", smiled Jack.

"It's part of the service", smiled Ari-Paz, as he gathered the net back to his bag. "Now, how about I bring you back to the other bank?"


I wrote an Hebrew story about a motivational instructor and done my best to translate it to English. I've used this English to Shakespearean translator for Ari-Paz's lingo.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


"Dificult roads leads to beautiful destinations"

"If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done"

"The best view comes after the hardest climb"

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