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יובל קול טאל במצודת עכו

 I was born in 1975 in Acre, where I lived most of my life.

The city. Not the year.

 I was reading at a young age, to my Kindergarten teacher's displeasure. I didn't use my index finger to point at the words.

Same for first grade, I corrected her spelling… In Hebrew, anyways.

 My childhood was spent with my parents, my brother, and other animals...

 My love for cats and animals in general I got from my mother.

 During my military service I was diagnosed as having a Personality disorder (My parents were told it was a "Bootcamp Shock".)

 I did my best to be a good person, no matter how difficult it was.

​ Over the years I came to realize I'm an Autistic, Atheist, homosexual man. (Not a Person with Autism - as in, not a Person with Homoserxuality)

 ​I've occasionally used psychotherapy and the breakthrough was when I began to self-examine.

 Later on, I became a mentor to an autistic boy and came to face how much I have been repressing.

 Over time I found out my actual diagnosis. This caused a dissonance which I came to terms with. I began to use the state mental health services which aid me to this day.

 In March 2017 I met Omry and we live together to this day.
'We deserve each other...'

​ We cohabitate and have signed a 'Civil Union agreement’ via "Havaya".

 After many attempts at finding a job in the free market, mental habilitation among them (including a 'trained from experience' course) and several writing workshops, I decided to be a writer.

 After several attempts, Omry and I created "Omry and Yuval - Not Nice Guys", where we write poems, fiction and opinion pieces.

​ Furthermore, lately a friend connected me to a painter who wanted a website which I’ve designed for him. For money. With a receipt. Thanks for asking.

​ My writing is humoristic, I assume you've noticed by now. One of the things I've  learned at ‘WINWORK’ (A state training program for  small business owners) is to make space for your life story. Essentially your reasons, as well as for authenticity.


 Therefore, this page. I have also suggested a fellow artist to do the same for their own page.

​ Me and Omry both love feedback, you are all welcome to respond to all content here on this site. As far as I am concerned. Your input can aid in shaping our plotlines.

There’s a reason feedback is the coin of the realm.

If you want me to build you a site, you are invited to ask.

Yuval Cool Talll

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