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Habitat - Halal'Machayeh - ch1

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Interior view of an O'Neill cylinder, showing alternating land and window stripes

Jade Blue Habitat: Police Station

Simon was sitting in his station. finishing the paperwork for the Missing Do-- No, don't get used for the word in you own head, he's a Sopho-canin. Sophdog in common use.

They are people. They adore Humans, and The Humans that adore them Will Kill You for equating them with the House Pet dogs.

The Sapio-Cat themselves would care, are in at first they'll Cry, And then do their best to destroy your life.

Still better than the Dogs Family people..

Where was he..


Happy Pooper, Aged 3 (Standard, not biology), reported missing two day ago.

Found In A Coma due a maintenance car strike. further investigation found a systematic negligence of several A.I.s

Also, FuzzBlade, A Sapio-Cat, seems to have used these openings to stage it.