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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

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There is no connection between the people in the pictures and the stories themselves.

Habitat - Halal'Machayeh - ch1

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Interior view of an O'Neill cylinder, showing alternating land and window stripes

Jade Blue Habitat: Police Station

Simon was sitting in his station. finishing the paperwork for the Missing Do-- No, don't get used for the word in you own head, he's a Sopho-canin. Sophdog in common use.

They are people. They adore Humans, and The Humans that adore them Will Kill You for equating them with the House Pet dogs.

The Sapio-Cat themselves would care, are in at first they'll Cry, And then do their best to destroy your life.

Still better than the Dogs Family people..

Where was he..


Happy Pooper, Aged 3 (Standard, not biology), reported missing two day ago.

Found In A Coma due a maintenance car strike. further investigation found a systematic negligence of several A.I.s

Also, FuzzBlade, A Sapio-Cat, seems to have used these openings to stage it.

Motive, Childhood grudge.

Descriptions in the attached folder.

And Done.

Simon was about to get up and get Coffee..

"Detective Ares, come in if you please."

as He sat in the chair, "Madam Sharp?"

"I'm A Cat, boy, No House-Cat, but no Human either. And this isn't a public setting, so if you must, use Great kitty."


"Not A Human."


"Great Kitty Sharp?"


She Returned from Pasing, Again at the Same Conversation, with him..

To sitting still at her perch.

"We Are currently at neighbor position with Esh'Veh'Ashan."

Vacation? but I don't know Hebrew..

"They had a Homicide."

And?.. They have a Polic-

"As Expressive your face and pheromone load are. I am still not telepathic, out with it."

Her striped grey and Orange face was still, yet, he could tell. She wasn't amused.

"They are not Any form of Utopia, And never pretended otherwise, Why would they need outsiders, to solve it?"

She cleaned her paw, emphasizing the Claws.

"The murder of a child of a minister, high enough that resolution by inside detectives will never be truly accepted.


At his bushy blond brow raise.

"Resulting in a need for an outsider."

"Charmaine; Seniority, Achievements.."

"Not Gloved."

"Don't they have telepathic tech?"

She nawed at her Tail..

"They deliberately made it's use's skill based. So ones privacy is not jeopardized. or worse."

"I Don't Know Hebrew."

Her eyes were closed. Usually this means Bliss..

"You'got a download link. Use it."


"It will give you note of small translations. As Well as feed you those translations when needed."

She Paused.. He just knew she wanted to ask if he got this far by his looks, & pheromones.. Apparently. And no. He's actually good at his job. Just Autistic A bit.

"I Will be joining you."


"I need a vacation, I have family there..

And you need derivatives."


"You Don't Have" With his gloved hand around his head.

"No. I was never there myself. Cousin Levana always came to meet. Never the otherway."

"So.. Tomorrow?"



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