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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

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Ianus Pessaim - 3 - Reality Terror

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

He can hear. Scratches. Behind that impossible door.

He cannot. Move.

He begins to scream for Mommy and Daddy.

The door disappears with a ripple.

He doesn’t actually do it. Screaming. after a second. After an Eternity. Sunlight begins to color the sky out of the window. He goes to wash his hands and begin the morning Prayers.

Later, Father and Son walk to Temple. On the way David gives him the side eye. “Are you OK?”

He almost unleashed monsters into the world. Maybe. Maybe he is just insane.

“I think I had a night Terror.”

Next to him, his father sighs. Not mentioning that technically you don’t remember those...

“Wanna talk about it?”

They get to Temple.

“After.” Maybe his dad will forget. Hopefully.

The Air is still around them. Near them, branches sway.


Talia is puzzled. Her game was interrupted by news. And it sounded… Cryptic.

'Several moments ago, a Partial Crystal Gavia event occurred. Details here.'

"Dad! What's a Crystal Gavia Event? And what does it mean if it's partial?"

A door ripples into existence next to her. her father enters her room through it. Then sits beside her.

"Well, It's a variant, a very rare at that, of Blooming."

She tilts her head.

"When a universe develops a teleport?"

He smiles a bit.

"When that Universe only have one world with life, and of that only one Species is sentient."

Her brows begin to rise.

He continues.

"That species is human, or close enough.


This is a single member, going from, maybe maybe not have some ESP, to full blown, not just some kind of teleport, but Full Gateman. One of the World-Smiths."

She blinks.

"That's even possible?"

He raises a brow.

Yes. Just very, very, unlikely.

She turns Back to the viewing position.

Her mind re-syncs with the Communication Viewer.

Her Dad joins her.

"Wow. We actually detected that." His exclamation reassures her that her shock was expected.

"What does it mean… Partial?"

Her question reaches him as he delves into the specifics.

"The Person created a door and didn't open it. It was to a place that wasn't actually real in their universe."

"Oh." Her thought reached him.

Her pupils dilated.

"They made a door to a monster world? And because they never opened, it never became real… but was similar to several worlds. It may have made several worlds notice?"

Her thought was full of bewilderment. They both were.

They disengaged.

"Dad, what is going to happen there?"

Her dad contemplated her question.

"The law is clear there, unless we create that universe, we don't touch places that cannot touch us themselves. Minus several exceptions. This isn't one of them.

Unless those worlds touched by that almost door decide to make contact, they are off limits."

"Dad, those worlds have people that eat humans." She is as deadpan as she can.

Her dad sighs.

"Unless they actually invade them, anyone of us who goes there to… what, train that boy? Will be on their own and will be imprisoned if they return."

"Unless those people attack them then…"

Or that boy finally open a door on his own.

But basically. Yes.

He doesn't actually voice this.

"Dad, I think I will go to bed."

He nods. Then.

"You intend to go there."

"I didn't say that."

He nods.

"No. You didn't. Do tell your other dad if you go somewhere…"

"Of course daddy."

"You realize..."

She cuts him.

"If they invade it will be a declaration of war. In fact, if not technically."

"So it's not very likely."

"Yes. Like an ordinary 14 year old boy within a year turning himself into a Gateman without outside intervention."

They both smile. Those smiles are strained.


Original image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

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