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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

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Ianus Pessaim - 4 - Tight Rope

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

“What’s with the face?”

Ianus turned to Raviv, who asked it.

“What do you mean?”

Clara, who sits nearby answered before Raviv.

“Doors are like, you superpower. and now it’s like you are dead scared.”

“Aand, it took you like a few breaths to enter the class. And get off the bus. And…””

Raviv continued when she stopped.

Both the boy and girl raised their brows.


They share a look over Ianus'es mumble.


He repeated after their question.

“I had a nightmare.” “Children, go to your seats. I am about to start the class.”

Chelly, the Biology teacher. Just entered the room.

The boys ran. Clara was already seated, with her phone in hand. She just got the School app out.

Chelly walked to the front of the class as the kids ran to their seats.

Right before the class became quiet, someone said the usual. ” we’re 15 years old. we’re not kids.” no one actually cared.

Chellys look scanned the class.

she pointed at Ianus. “Jani, please summarize the topic of the last lesson.”

“It was about the function of the Lungs’ and airways in general.”

She cut him and pointed to Clara.

“The sinuses keep the air warm and help clean the air with the micro-hairs.”

She cut her, and turned to another, and another. Within five minutes, the class was caught up, and she found anyone who needed any help. And the lesson actually began.

After the lesson, Raviv asked Ianus about the supposed nightmares.


Ianus wasn’t in any hurry to open up about it.

Clara joined them.

“you’re actually making more of a scene about it.”

He momentarily glared at her. “IthotImademonstrdur.”

Raviv tilted his head. “You… Made a door that is monstrous? Or to a place with monsters?”

Clara turned to him.” You actually got it?”

Raviv shrugged. “best friends for ten years.”

Ianus was basically slack-jawed. “This makes sense to you?!”

Clara pointed at Raviv, the best friend. He seemed to have a bit of a sour mouth before answering his friend.

“You have had a doorway themed magic for months.”

He shrugged.

“Possibly years.”

Ianus seemed like a cross between shocked and disappointed.

Clara almost began to touch him. Then remembered he keeps touch, I.E. Religiously refuse to touch girls

so just sorta, hovered her hand over his belly. Seemed to do the trick.

“No one thinks you worship some false god, and you should not either.”


He turned to the wall and punched. A ripple spread in the air and a door appeared. He opened it.

“your room?”

Raviv stated. Not really questioning. “I wanted to see if I could open it somewhere good.”

Through that open door. In his room, they saw as another door appeared.

It opened.

Talia sat for breakfast. Her dads had outdone themselves. It was a fantastic cake. Her little brother wasn’t aware of the undertones.

Dad Rick passed her her second piece.

“Your dad told me the news excited you yesterday.”

Darion, the brother, perked up.

“What was it?”

She turned to him. As she asked with her mind the systems to give her another cup of hot cocoa.

“there is almost a new world to join the greater multiverse.”

The boy was speechless, with joy. Then she continued.

“The boy who almost made that universe qualify, accidently signaled the Larue and some of their ilk.”

The boys lips went so thin and pale. She thought he may cry.

“Those are Human Eaters, right? You said boy. As in Humans.”

Dad Mark tried to sooth him.

“That will basically be a declaration of war on the human dominated verses and our allies.”

The boy nodded. The meal went without any more conversation. Until the Communication Viewer sent a notification.

That universe just qualified.

The Parents shared a look. “Go.”

Because now those monsters can go in with no fear. So can they. Mark reminded his daughter.

“Don’t forget, you are not an actual Gateman. Take all your equipment.”

And Rick chimed.

“And don’t even dare to contemplate removing our trace.” She wanted to roll her eyes, but didn’t dare.

“I will not be the only one. probably not even among the first. I get it. All of it.”

She asked the system. All of her equipment has materialized on her.

She asked for a door.

Then stepped through it.


Original image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

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