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Ianus Pessaim - 2 - Through the eyes of parents

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

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Gila sits before the screen. David’s still on the road, At work. She cannot focus, tempted to throw her mug to the wall. Tea or not. The figures are fine. The familys finances are healthy. No debt, actual investments that pan out. The fact they didn’t have to finance so much of Aris wedding. frankly, it looks like the future grandkids will not have to worry so much. The Fact they can legitimately plan a vacation would have made her rejoice. But Jani. Something is… Strange with that boy. half the time he’s unfocused to the point she thinks she should get him some kind of attention medication. Other half… it’s like hashem himself is speaking through him, unintentionally. and alway when walking through a doorway of some kind with the name Ianus, the God of doorways...Did she accidentally made her son a living blaspheme? Just a coincidence? She will go to Rabbe Shaul. … Gila and David Pessaim sat before their Rabbe The man sat silent, drinking his Coffee. “You two didn’t do any Greek ceramonies, right?“ David blew a breath. “We wouldn’t know how.” The Rebbe nodded “Then it is a gift from Hashem.” Gila smiled, but it was brittle. He noticed. “does the boy use those inspirations to take from others, to harm, to create a glory for himself?” Her smile softens, becoming jenuine. “I believe he may be more devout than anyone in this room. This was part of why I was so afraid. It would have broken his heart if…” she halted, they could well imagine what she kept to herself. David speaks himself. “my fear is different, why would the Lord Of All, give him such power? If it grows and changes, that is all the more troubling. I doubt this is simply an evolutionary step or something, he will need it. but why.” he did not say, but all three thought it, what of the rest of them, on the wayside. Will he be the shelter? Or the wirlwind. “well, I am sure your son it going to be a great Eluy, and marry well.” David raised a shoulder. “I honestly think he will end up with that friend of his. the secular blond boy from his school.” Gila rolled her eyes. “Please, our boy may prefer men, but Raviv has more interest in Atena than Ianus.” Rebbe Shaul rubbed his eyes. Those two are weird. … At dinner, after they blessed the Soup, bread, and the rest. they were quiet, Gaia made a mess. Atena cleaned her as both Gila and David were back in the kitchen checking the Chicken (Gila) and turning off the Washer machine (David). Ianus stopped eating the soup. “something strange happened at school today.” “yeah?” Both Parents called back. Getting back in after a minute. After they retook their seats. Ianus continued. “Today ,after our math class, I was walking out of the class trying to begin work on the assignment. After I got out of the classroom, I was finished. I don’t remember doing all that. Nor does it seem that… Likely.” Ateh… Shrugged. Gila glared momentarily at David. Whom himself, sighed. “We’re not really surprised.” Ianus was slack jawed. for a moment. “Was this not the First time and I…” “No dear, but this is the logical progression.” The Boy closed his eyes. “Rebbe Shaul doesn’t believe you to be a witch. Not in the sense of worshiping a false god, anyway.” The boy almost collapsed, he was so relieved. "So what? I'm a Torah Monk? Like Shimshon?" Ateh snorted her soda. "You had a haircut yesterday." She said after wiping her nose. Gaia spat her juice. Making The rest smile. "Yes dear, your sister snorting her drink Is funny. But only when it isn't on purpose." Gila wiped her face and took her to change her bib. David cleaned her highchair table. Her siblings went back to their soup. … Next evening, on Kabalat Shabbat, Ianus's friend, Raviv, came to join in. He even brought his own Kippa. Further, he actually said the correct blessings for the food. He obviously went to the trouble of memorizing them, in context. Gila smirked at her Husband. The Boy couldn't take his eyes off their eldest girl. And Jani… Didn't seem bothered. "Here Ravi, have Some Tzimmes." his friend thanked him, holding out his hand for the Glass bowl full of the cooked sweet salad. Raviv, after helping himself, gestured to Ateh. Offering. She accepted. Thanking the blushing boy. Herself only mildly amused. That Night, after his sons friend went home, David decided to ask. "Hey, Jani." "Dad." They were dressed for bed now. Sitting in the living room. "I was under the impression that you were trying to court-" "Dad!!" His son was scandalized. With his face in his palms, Ianus continued. "I will not confirm or deny about my Sexuality, because right now it is not relevant to anyone… But the guy is like a brother to me. Ew." David… was mildly surprised. An hour later, Gilas Roaring laughter could be heard all over the house. "Serves you you right for presuming." And Ianus… was petrified. Because above him, at an arms length, was a door in the air. It came into be when he punched the air in embarrassment. Wanting the earth to swallow him. Now, how does he make that go away? … Samson


Original image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

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