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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

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There is no connection between the people in the pictures and the stories themselves.

An unworthy wife - Lancing fire

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

woman looks in the mirror and sees android

The Man Was perfect. Huge Cock. Hard Body.

Face angelic.

Tongue of a Fallen one.

As she responded to his touch, her glance touched the pictures of Adam and their children.. She was too busy with contentment for any guilt..


Ava woke from the nightmare, her pillow wet with her tears.

“What was it?”

Adam held her shoulder. Pressing.

“You kept saying no.”

She took a breath. Turned to him.

“I was living a scenario that I find grotesque.”

Her hand on his cheek, she kissed him. Taking a breath.

“I don't wish to discuss it.”

She glanced at the Clock.

“Well, we might as well wake up. You have a meeting and the kids need to ready in an hour. Then my conferance-”

“And two hours of monitoring the Family Portfolio.”

Adam Smiled, eyes a bit more blue.

“I Love You.”

She closed her eyes for a bit. Relaxing.

“Thank you. It means I’m doing my Job well.”

“Well T’pol. I’m going to get ready now.”


Ava shut down the Screen. Cadmus Accounting now had another Client. One she will administer. A profitable meeting.

Hanna would love it.


After a day of work.. And simple pleasure, she left for something she had hopes to never be known.


Jack sat at the desk. Working on a trinket.

When he felt it.. The Mind was torn in pain and Doubt.. With enough raw power that those alone could be disastrous.

A blonde, early thirties, woman.

"Ava Garon, I have an appointment at three."

This woman, frowning and barely touching the counter, thinks she isn't in love with her husband and wants a love potion.

How is he supposed to tell her she already gave him her heart and he gave her his.

That love radiates like the sun.


He Brought the Potion.

"This is a love potion. But remember if you are already in love with your target. It will stimulate existing Psy talents. Possibly magic."

She raised a brow.

"You believe I am already in love with my Husband"

His eyes took in the vibrating woman.

"It shines like the sun, like rain on dry earth."


"But accurate."

He returned, all amusement a façade.

She took a breath.

"Will this stop the nightmares?"


"In one, I am Unfaithful, and in far more significant ways than spreading them for another.

Another breath.

"In another I divorce him"

One last.

"There's more, but I won't elaborate."

Jack Was..

Let's say, in awe, that's a nice word.

"It will, make sure you are fully self aware. Probably make you

let go of the fear.

The fear produces those dreams."

"Then I can Become Jean Grey or Even Medusa for all I care."

And she walked out with it.

And Jack thought, 'Woman, you underestimate yourself'.


For Love, ever logical Ava took the risk

of becoming Magical. For the Truth,

A witch hunter may have

found his love with a witch.

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