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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

The texts on the site are not the final wording. Feel free to sign up and comment - your comments will help us in the editing process, and will appear in the thank you list when the book is published.

There is no connection between the people in the pictures and the stories themselves.

Icarus - feathers and glue

2045, Ramat Gan. Israel.

Yossy opened his package.

Mi3das - The industrial level printer for your home.

Only costs two and a half months worth of your pay check... If you make above average.

And thankfully.. He does.

Now!! Now he will see if his design will cut it.

“Oh. You Little SHIT!”

The Old Tight-Assed Balls-And-Chain spoke as he entered the room.

“You know they record what you do and if it's new, take patent rights.“

Yossy turned to his husband.

“5% big deal. They also maintain the platform. it's honestly a good deal for all around.”

“oh Yosef the Tzadick..” Arnon muttered. As he hugged him from behined.

“So. How long will it take to make it?

An Hour? A Week. If you put the parts together yourself?

Yossy smirked against his neck.

“Thirty minuets. Fully made.”

Arnon stilled.

So he continued.

“it’s basically a holographic sculptor.

The Ink at use is an Ion cloud.

Arnon lifted a brow.

“yes. We now have the computation for it. There's even teleportation in it.”

“Is This Thing?..”

“Not Yet dearest, but soon we will have a true energy to matter conversion.”

With a parting squeeze, Arnon let go and sat on a stool.

“Still don't believe they just skipped Atomic Fusion for Quark..”


*Habub, You're 25, What's with the ‘When I was Young’ Routine..*

Yossy began to walk away.

"What, not here to watch your pumpkin make a chariot"

Yossy turned back to him

"Why Am I with you Arnon? Any way..

Us being here doesn't matter. And I wanted to have a meal with you. In a real Caffèe."

Properly chastised, Arnon joined yossy out.

as Atom By Atom.. A Small dream of Yossy was getting the chance to.. Real.


Image by SatyaPrem from Pixabay


Icarus has one might-have-been. Tank farm Dynamo... Has a world.

Pretty sure you will like it like I do.

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