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Not Nice Guys - The Texts

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Writing Exercise: Mirror Mirror

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Adina hurried, the alarm blaring all around her indicated trouble in the lake hall.

Her steps echoing enough she can hear her path ahead.

The Door, when she reaches it, is sealed.

She wrote the rune. The door faded from existence.

She stepped into the hall.

The ceiling was identical to the floor. A perfect mirror.

"Hear my call! Head my plea."

The spell endlessly echoed through the titanic, colossus, cavernous Hall.

She stepped. Still hearing the spell.

But still. No Idea what is wrong.

Images. The images from the spell began to fill her.

Their neighbors declared war.

She must warn the queen.


Queen Angela took in what the royal thaumaturge Adina had told her.

The Barrians, the Old Ally had declared war.

Reason? Who knows.

"Your Highness? What do you command of us?"

Oh Sully, the most trustworthy General one could wish for.

"Bring me Huntsman Rowen"

Adina... couldn't hold back shock.

"That Spy?! He's one of them."

Angela... "He has a Cinaptian Family. Of Both blood and Choice.

I am sufficiently confident of his loyalty."

Then, she shed light on the Elephant.

"And why are you so quick to turn on Him?"

Angela stared a dead mans stare straight to the poor woman's soul.

"You don't even know why this war began.

We might still be able to stop it. Why would you stoke hate before they have earned it."

This wasn't a question.

She could see it, the shame in her eyes.

She will do better.


Adina sat in her Lab, a thin pretense of work. As Angela's words torture her. Never releasing their Grip.

She should have known better.

Their Forces are strong, both abled bodies and Pros.

Engineers and magic users.

They need knowledge. Not to play along like impressionable teens.

Finally, she pushed all distractions aside.

She has work ahead of her.

She will need the hall for it.


The Huntsman was shocked.

He was sure the Queen will turn on him.

Once he heard the news.

But she did not. Instead. She bestowed on him a great honor.

He will not disappoint.


Originally published on twitter, part 1, part 2, part 3.

Image by Simon Giesl from Pixabay.

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