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Not Nice Guys - Yuval's stories

The myth of Ari-Paz

Ari Paz Goldman has the ability to teleport. He has two fathers, Liran and Itamar, and a brother, Yoel, who's a year older than him.

I’d love to have the ability to teleport, either by magic or technology - to open a portal and such. For a while I’ve pondered about a standup comedian who can teleport, and on 15/aug/2018 I wrote on Facebook something like “D’ya know the feeling when there’s a malfunction and you’ve been teleported to your destiny, before you were able to dress up?”


During a writing class I’ve got a task to describe the protagonist before and after a change. I  wrote about a guy who meets an unusual motivational tutor, who annoys the hero for doing the task. The more I researched the tutor’s motives (assuming he’s still alive), the story "Thou art capable of aught" was formed.


During the course I started to write about a guy watching a standup comedian who speaks in high level Hebrew, and has the ability to teleport. As I wrote the story “I’ve been good”, I figured out that Ari-Paz, the standup comedian could also be the motivational tutor. If in Hebrew Ari-Paz had spoken high-level Hebrew, in English he spoke “Shakespearean”.


As the time passed, I felt the urge to write about Ari-Paz as a teenager. At first I wrote by using the standup as reference trying to connect to my inner teenager. As the plot moved on I figured out that I’m treating Ari-Paz as a child, and not really going anywhere. So I’ve decided to shelve this plot line - which I’ve then named “Ari-Paz was here”.

I’ve started writing “Ari-Paz vs the world”, using some scenes from the shelved version and such, and translating it to English. I guess that later I’ll use the “I’ve been good” in the story, when Ari-Paz reads a criticism, which would probably be called “Oh goodie!” or such...

Talking ​about Ari-Paz

  • "I've been awesome"
    מופAri-Paz Goldman's stand up comedy. At first, they were surprised by his Shakespearean, later they've realized...

Ari-Paz vs World

I wrote a story and shelved it, now I'm writing a new one and translating it to English.

  • פרולוג - למה לא קראתם לי?
    מבוסס על סיפור אמיתי... לירן הלך לקנות שולחן בקלימרה, ומצא עצמו מנסה להתנייד עם שתי חבילות.
    מתוך הרגל הוא קרא לאיתמר, ולא לארי-פז...


  • פרק א - משועמם ארי-פז עד מאוד.
    והימים ימי קורונה, ומשועמם ארי-פז עד מאוד. ויציע יואל, אחיו, לארי-פז כי יכין סרטון טיקטוק. ויכין ארי-פז סרטון, וישמח על ליבו.


Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay 


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