Yuval & Omry - Not Nice Guys

"They are not nice"

- Golda Meir, about the members of the "Black Panthers" who rioted and threw Molotov cocktails during a demonstration.

- We're not related to the "Black Panthers" and we're usually nice. It's not natural...


What do you want from me?

You're welcome to read things we've published, reply, and even gain early access to read our stories while being written. Omry also shares his gain knowledge about health, and Yuval shares his gain knowledge about meaningful life. We're not replacing professional advice, and we'd defiantly won't call "Sheeple" anyone who disagrees with us.

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לא נחמדים - ספר כמפלט לעולם אחר
כלב פילוסוף

I ain't sorry and I'll do it again (Hebrew)

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 Man? Woman? Boy? Girl?

Yuval Cool Tall


Name: Yuval; Gender: Cat;

Pronoun: Meow;

(If you're "woke" than I'm "cat". Progressivism reminds me of Newspeak...)

Adores cats (duh) and animals in general.

Loves the gorgeous eyed Omry.

Autistic, an Atheist, homosexual, etc...

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החופש הגדול. גדול

החופש הגדול מתיש גם אותך?

אנחנו מבינים אותך לחלוטין...

מה דעתך לרכוש חולצה שתביע זאת?
לגבר? לאשה?

ניתן להתאים את העיצוב למוצרים נוספים.

יש מגוון של עיצובים נוספים לבחירתך.

Omry Cool-Tall

Elitist, autistic and everything in between.

Loves Yuval, and following him, also adores cats.

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פורום "לא נחמדים"